Specific Project Experience of Key Experts

Project Title
Consorzio Genova Ricerche (Italy) TEMPUS Project for Multimedia Systems Development Developing multimedia product for technology business planning
Concordia Cooper S.r.l. (Italy) JOPP (Phare Joint Venture Programme) 3 projects:
  • Effebiemme S.r.l .(Italy) setting up a joint venture in Bulgaria in the printing industry
  • Bauli S.p.A. (Italy) - marketing study and feasibility study in the field of food industry
  • Pharmagel S.p.A. (Italy) - marketing study and feasibility study in the field of pharmacy
  • Bulgarian partner identification, marketing study, feasibility study, local support, legal advice
    Concordia Cooper S.r.l. (Italy) Study for Establishment of Italian Bulgarian Venture Capital Fund Marketing study
    Concordia Cooper S.r.l. (Italy) Study for Establishment of Italian Bulgarian Guarantee Fund based on the experience of Confidi Marketing study
    PANDREX/P-E International Plc (UK)
    Phare Privatisation and Restructuring Consortium
    Phare Sectoral Framework Contract (SFR 96/09) Projects in Bulgaria:
  • Development of Financial Recovery Plan for the District Heating Companies in Sofia and Pernik for 100 mln USD
  • Evaluating 30 major Bulgarian companies for the Privatization Agency
  • Development of a Strategy for the Mass Privatization Agency in Bulgaria
  • Providing local support and local consultants for the projects
    Lorien (UK) PRAQ III Quality Programme in Bulgaria 4 EFQM Excellence Model projects Preparation of documents , working with the Institute of Metrology and Standardization at the Council of Ministers in Bulgaria, organization of seminars, company training
    IBD (Germany) Project for Providing Assistance and Consultancy to SMEs in Bulgaria Providing consultancy to Bulgarian SMEs
    PNT Consult & Training GmbH (Germany)
    Aster (Italy)
    The British Council (UK)
    EU Project: Capacity Building for the Accelerated Growth of the SME Sector in Bulgaria Preparation of Study of Alternative Financial Instruments for SMEs in Bulgairia; Development of the Clusters Strategy 2002-6;
    Report on Cluster Development of Specialist Textiles Sector;
    Financial management
    Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH (Germany)
    Evaluation of the Bulgarian Financial Sector Working in a team auditing the financial assistance provided by the German government to Eurobank, Union Bank, DSK Bank, Encouragement Bank and the Credit Co-operatives
    Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH (Germany) Study on SME Financing Possibilities in Bulgaria Evaluating financial instruments provided by the Bulgarian banks, investment funds, leasing companies, guarantee funds, donor programmes and the need of financial instruments in 8 export oriented industries in Bulgaria: food processing industry, IT, tourism, machine building, electrical industry, furniture and wood processing industry, wine industry, apparel industry
    DGRV (Germany) Co-operation between Bulgarian Commercial Bank and the Credit Co-operatives in Bulgaria for work under SAPARD Programme Project management
    Ramboll Management (Denmark) EU Project: Consulting Services to SMEs and Technology Grant Scheme Providing consultancy to SMEs in the textile sector
    Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH (Germany) Study on SME Needs in the Tourism and Furniture Industry in Bulgaria Project management
    Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH (Germany) Bulgarian Development Bank/Basel II Consulting Mission Evaluation and providing recommendations for following GTZ support to the Bulgarian Development Bank and the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency
    Europerspectives Foundation (Bulgaria) SEE AP SEE IFA (Innovation and Finance Agency) Network with lead partner AWS Austria Desktop research, interviews, country analysis
    Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH (Germany) Association Management Project Providing consultancy to the Association of Meat Processors in Bulgaria (AMB), the Bulgarian National Association Essential Oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics (BNAEOPC), the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies(BAIT); attending workshops, information meetings
    GOPA Consultants(Germany) EU Project: Development of a System of VET needs analysis and Adult Training Strategy Financial management
    Pays - Bas B.V.
    The Netherlands)
    Eco-park Bulgaria Marketing study for development of 60 ha greenhouse in Bulgaria
    Peltina Ltd. Organic canning factory development Project development for funding under the Global Environmental Fund Small Grants Programme
    Organazoto Fertilizzanti S.p.A. (Italy) Study for the possibilities to sell organic fertilizers in Bulgaria Marketing study, search for local partners
    Bulgarian Machine Building Chamber Projects under
    OP "Competitiveness"
    OP "Human Resource Development"
    Preparation of Structural Funds Grant Applications for members of the Bulgarian Machine Building Chamber
    Bo Bo Garden Ltd. Photovoltaic Park development in the town of Shivachevo Land regularization, project design, coordination with required authorities, feasibility study, negotiations with a bank for funding, grant application
    Silistra Municipality Design of WWTP (waste water treatment plant) Development of financial analysis and cost-benefit assessment under the requirements of the Structural Funds
    Dobrich Municipality Construction of an industrial zone at the site of a military base Development of financial and economic analysis for the selection of potential investors
    State Company "Construction and Renovation" Construction of an industrial park Development of financial analysis for assessment of possibilities for funding under the Structural Funds or PPP
    Dimovo Municipality Building a regional center for treatment of domestic waste Development of feasibility study and financial model for funding under the PPP procedure
    DSK Bul-Project Ltd. of DSK Bank OP "Competitiveness"
    OP "Regional Development"
    OP "Environment"
    Developing bank clients business ideas
    Sofia Municipality Sofia Metro Extension Project Metro Stations 6-10 and Metro Stations 10-23 Financial and economic analysis, cost-benefit analysis, sensitivity analysis and risk analysis
    Sofia Municipality Breakthrough Danail Nikolaev street Financial and economic analysis, cost-benefit analysis, scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis and risk analysis
    Sofia Municipality Renovation and upgrading of Sofia city street lighting Feasibility study and preparation of EU funding application documentation
    Sofia Municipality Complementary transport system Feasibility study for urban environmental transport system for people on the "second" level
    Dupnitsa Municipality Construction of processing plant for concrete construction waste Financial and economic analysis, cost-benefit analysis, public expenditure analysis, sensitivity analysis, risk analysis, options of public-private partnership
    Lovech Municipality Upgrading of municipality street lighting Preparation of tender documents and financial engineering
    NGO "CIPRO" Support for the renovation and modernization of public medical and health establishments in urban centers in Smolyan and Razgrad cities Cost-benefit analysis, financial and socio-economic analysis, sensitivity analysis and risk analysis
    Lom Municipality Commercial logistics center for the development of cross-border business and trade CBC with Romania Cost-benefit analysis, financial and socio-economic analysis, sensitivity analysis and risk analysis. Communication plan
    Droege & Comp GmbH - Germany Study of the waste management system in Bulgaria Market research, analyzing legislation and its harmonization with the EU, analysis of technologies used
    Mott MacDonald Expansion of Burgas Airport Development of project funded under Phare programme
    Deloitte & Touche Evaluation of the potential of Bulgaria in the field of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics Analysis based on human potential, level of technology, background of scientific and technical developments
    AO Technomash - Russia Marketing of scientific developments In the field of nanotechnologies, biological converters of light, etc.
    Sofbiolife JSC Innovation implementation Production of mayonnaise, shampoo and detergents for radiation purification of whey;
    Production of disinfection solutions with broad spectrum of activity
    Seminars/Training Innovation policy Definition, development, testing, implementation and marketing of innovations in new materials, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies
    Seminars/Project Development Energy efficiency New technologies for producing electricity and heat from the sun, natural gas (detander), cavitation, vortex and torsion technologies;
    Certification of residential buildings for energy efficiency
    Seminars/Project Development In the field of ecology New technologies for production from waste of building elements, packaging materials, materials for manufacture of products for interior and exterior;
    New technologies for processing biomass and municipal waste;
    Removing the effects from biological pollution
    Seminars/Training Development of projects for co-financing under
    OP "Environment"
    OP "Regional Development"
    OP "Competitiveness"
    Training and development of pilot projects/project ideas;
    Development of projects for high-tech enterprises
    Seminars, Training, Development Public-Private Partnership Preparation for conducting of the entire procedure for realization of projects under the PPP procedure
    Seminars, Training, Development "Offset" procedures Preparation of contracts for offset procedures, technology assessment, financial engineering
    Veliko Tarnovo Municipality, Blagoevgrad HPP on natural rivers, water and wastewater Project development, financing and execution of HPP projects from 50 kW to 10 MW
    Burgas Municipality Sports complex/Amusement park Development of financial and economic models