Business Analytics

As a business owner, you’ve built something you care about and you want to see it last. We understand....
We’re well-versed in the challenges and opportunities before you, we help you further your own brand of success by providing the customized strategies you need and allowing you the confidence and independence to focus on what you do best.
Our business solutions capitalize on our deep resources and insightful analysis and are customized to your needs with a balanced end-result plan interwoven with the details of how you picture your life.

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Investment Project Development

Intrac Ltd. is an independent provider of investment business project development and advisory services....

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Our Principles

  • Always act in the best interest of the client
  • Always act honestly and ethically
  • Remain independent and unbiased

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Welcome to Intrac Ltd

Intrac Ltd. – successor of Intrac ST founded in 1992, has been involved in the development of projects under EU and other international grant programmes, private investment project preparation and management, business planning, financial and investment consulting, privatization of state companies, valuation, M&A, development of marketing plans, strategic advice, investors support, joint ventures, development of financial institutions, support to export-oriented businesses.

Intrac Ltd. is a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and BCCI Investment Council.

Our Services

Investment consulting & management


Strategic advice


Business analytics


Mergers & Acquisitions


Fund raising


Due diligence, tax advice,
legal advice


Marketing studies


Business planning &
project development


Commercial and industrial
real estate


Our Team


Vladimir Tomov

Managing Director

Ivan Krumov

Legal Adviser

Metodi Nikolov

Business Expert

Roberto Pagani

International Business Expert

Ognian Pachev

Marketing Expert

Alexander Trifonov

PPP Expert

George Stanchev

Tourism Expert

Albena Stoilova

Financial Expert

Denise Grancharova

International Consultant

Evgeniy Petrov

International Marketing Consultant

Tom Tomov

International Finance Expert

Some of our clients


Implemented Projects



Our Partners


Get In Touch

Contact Us

Vladimir Tomov

Address: Bistritsa, 50 Aleko Str., 1444 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: (+359) 899 70 74 75

Tom Tomov

Respresentative in Moscow, the Russian Federation

Phone: +7 (966) 000 36 80